Precision Resin Machining Technology


We machine plastic parts by cutting. We accept many machining requests that have been rejected by other companies in the past, such as precision projects that could not be done by other companies due to dimensional tolerances and mismatches, and projects with difficult configurations.

Why to Choose Kishimoto Industry


Our Own Original technology Full Flat Machining

Using a base of Full Flat Machining with excellent thickness accuracy, flatness and parallelism, it is easy to achieve dimensional accuracy from secondary machining and minimize post-assembly adjustments.

Understanding How Parts Fit Together

We have a good understanding of the degree of fit and application required by the designer, and carry out machining on the product with delicate control.



Expertise in Making Jigs for Machining

At Kishimoto Industry, we devise a jig for each workpiece we manufacture every day based on the judgment of each individual engineer and machine the parts. Accumulating machining expertise through our daily efforts has enabled us to respond to difficult requests.

Proposals to Bring Ideas to Fruition

Even with a lot of machining expertise and the latest equipment available, there are certain shapes that cannot be produced according to the design. How is it possible to get closer to the form you want? Through adjustments such as changing materials and making use of the characteristics of the materials to add functions, changing a single part to multiple parts and creating a single mechanical part from a segmented structure, or relaxing tolerances, we are able to propose a variety of approaches due to our thorough knowledge of materials, machining, and usage.