Assembly and Parts Procurement


In addition to parts machining, we can also provide assembly and parts procurement services upon request.


Example Services

  • When you want the supplied purchased parts to be incorporated into the machined parts for delivery.
  • When you want additional machining on commercial aluminum parts.
  • When you want to plate the metal parts on hand.

Why to Choose Kishimoto Industry

Comprehensive strength in parts processing and assembly

We have a lot of experience in machining that requires fitting of parts, so we specialize in the adjustment of dimensional tolerances between parts.


Teamwork with numerous partner manufacturers

We provide the desired product in cooperation with neighboring manufacturers, mainly in Ota City, who specialize in complicated machining processes.

Examples of Items We Can Procure

  • Metal machined parts
  • Sheet metal and welding
  • Rubber and sponge parts
  • Ceramic parts
  • Procurement of machine element parts
  • Silk and inkjet printing
  • Coating
  • Various plating
  • Electronic board design
  • Wiring, etc.