Design and Manufacturing of Various Jigs


We design and assemble equipment and jigs required in the production and R&D processes, with a focus on substrate inspection and assembly jigs. We offer products that are easy to work with, mainly made of plastic, after consulting with customers on purpose of manufacturing and usage. We can manufacture and support from one to several hundred units in any field.

Production examples

  • Tube cutting jig
  • Jig for parts assembly
  • Positioning jig for additional work to be done on the molded products
  • Continuity testing jig



Why to Choose Kishimoto Industry

Support even without drawings

Kishimoto Industry offers mechanisms suitable for your application based on our manufacturing expertise of machining jigs for machining in-house. We specialize mainly in insulating, anti-rust, and lightweight plastic-based jigs. Our insight is one step ahead to avoid danger and slipping.